Laura Massaro (Eng) vs Dato’ Nicol David (Mas)

Posted: 30/03/2013 in Uncategorized

By Andrew Cross


Dato Nicol David was the final match of the evening taking on Laura Massaro, an expectant home crowd had arrived wanting to see a glimpse of the nation’s national pride. First game was close neck and neck all the way again to 9.9 until Laura lobbed one out at the side, Laura squared it up at 10.10 but Nicol held on to win the game 12.10.

In the second Laura came out firing leading 3.0 then converting this to 5.1. At this point Laura caught the top of the tin with a forehand drop, then a stroke extended her lead to 6.3. Laura then converts this to 8.4 lead but Nicol fights back with a forehand volley drop that hit the nick. Laura was playing with great touch holding the ball to great effect at 9.6 she punished a loose return with a backhand volley drop then Nicol clipped the tin to level the scores at one game all.

Nicol started the third game leading 4.1, at this stage a no let was awarded to Nicol then there was a few words exchanged between the ladies. Laura was then back to 3.4 then progressed to lead by a couple of points. Laura progressed to win the game 11.8 using lots of variation from the front of the court.

Laura now leading, the crowd can’t quite believe what is happening but Laura is playing well, really well exploring all parts of the court. With a big lead in the in the fifth Laura has a five point advantage leading 10.5 but Laura only needs one as she progresses to tomorrow’s final.

Laura said

“Played well today,  I believed in myself, its always hard to beat Nicol in Malaysia, I have been wanting to do better than my previous events.”

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