Mohamed El Shorbagy (Egy) bt Borja Golan (Esp)

Posted: 30/03/2013 in Uncategorized

By Andrew Cross



Mohammed El Shorbagy began todays proceedings by taking on Borja Golan from Spain. Shorbagy has so far been pretty ruthless throughout the tournament winning all six games without dropping any games. Borja has had a slightly tougher draw winning in five brutal games yesterday.

The opening exchanges were evenly contested both trying to get used to the humid conditions watched by a packed out crowd. At 5.3 there was a huge rally neither really looking to be too attacking until Shorbagy hit a reverse boast from the back corner. In the next rally Borja held the ball pushing it to a length but Shorbagy takes the next few points to lead 8.4. Shorbagy is now using aggressive movement to get forward onto the ball extending his lead to 5 points. Shorbagy leading now 10.5 needed two attempts to take a one game advantage.

In the second game Shorbagy established himself a 6.3 lead, Golan clipped the top of the tin with a forehand drop then Shorbagy glued a shot down the backhand wall. Golan got warned for dropping his racket rather playfully rather than with any intent. Shorbagy now led 10.5 finishing the game with a forehand drop to lead two games to love.

In the third game Shorbagy started aggressively leading 6.2 but Borja fought back to 5.6. Shorbagy pushed again to 9.5, then one big rally Borja attacking as much as possible eventually hitting a cross court nick. Shorbagy throws the racket in the air, Conduct warning for Shorbagy again though there was no malice in it. Shorbagy won the match 11.6 to move in to another final here in Malaysia.

Shorbagy said

“Really good match, Borja played well, happy to be in the final, happy to be back in Malaysia thanking CIMB for their sponsorship. Thanks to the Eyptian crowd for coming today and the Egyptian Ambassador for coming to support and watch me play. I would like to thank CIMB for their support with the Olympic bid as I’m sure every squash player would”

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