Laura Massaro (Eng) vs Alison Waters (Eng)

Posted: 31/03/2013 in Uncategorized

By Andrew Cross


An all English final between two players that contested last month’s British National Final. Alison Waters and Laura Massaro played five games that day with Alison winning it in 78 minutes of play.

Today In the CIMB KL Open final the opening game was tight, never more than a couple of points between them. Alison took the first lead at 6.4 before Laura put 4 good points together to lead 8.6. Alison though anticipating well wins the next two points to even up the game at 8.8 and another point to lead 9.8. Laura responds playing two volley drops in a row the second one being the winner. Laura gets to 10.9 game ball as Alison misses a forehand low drive. First game to Laura.

In the second game Laura got off to the better start leading 6.2 but Alison fights back to 4.6. This second game was key Laura wanting to maintain her momentum not letting Alison level the games score. Laura put together the better rallies managing to stay in front of Alison and won the game 11.7.

Alison began the third taking a 2.0 lead but Laura quickly wiped the lead out as she was hitting very good line and length especially down the backhand side. Laura leading 4.2 as the momentum looked to swing back in her favour. From 4.2 Laura moves to 6.3 again though Alison fights back with two good volley drop shots but a trickle boast from Laura catches her out and the score is now 7.5 to Laura. Alison hits a straight volley into the nick back to 6.7 but Laura again gets back in front to 9.6 a straight forehand drive moves her to match ball, then a boast to win the title.

As Danny Massaro told me earlier no one had ever beaten Nicol David before the final and then gone on to win the title that changed today.


Laura played well we always have tough battles but today she deserved to win never really let me in.


Really happy with my performance this week initially I was trying to get past the quarters having only ever made it to the semi finals here before. Proud to have found my form not sure where it has come from I haven’t really been playing that well so I didn’t expect to play like that.

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